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Join us for camps, classes, and intensives this Summer 2024 at Inspire! Dance is FUN all year long at Inspire Dance Arts, and we have something for everyone. Enroll before 5/1 and receive $10 off the list price. Register for one or more of our camps during SUMMER BASH WEEK (2/26 - 3/2) and save an additional $10 on each enrollment!!

Register early for best savings and availability! 

We can't wait to see you there!


at inspire dance arts


Dance PAw-ty with my pet

1 Day Camp  -  July 12  -  9:30 - 11:30 am

You’ll PAWSitively love this fun tap, ballet and creative movement dance camp! Tiny dancers can bring their favorite stuffed pet (dog, cat, character, anything goes!) and together they’ll unleash the fun some PURRfect dancing adventures!      - $45

Prancing Pony Party
2 Day Camp  -  June 20 & 21 -  9am-12 pm

Little princes and princesses will love collecting sparkling charms and pony patches on their journey through the magical world of Charmland. Each adventure will introduce them to different styles of dance, including ballet, tap, jazz and creative movement.    - $105

Fancy Mouse dress-up house
2 Day Camp  -  June 27 & 28 -  12:30 - 3:30pm

Filled with the fanciest dancing-est fun and marvelous mouse-tastic crafts, this ballet, tap and creative movement camp is perfect for all sassy and classy kids who love Minnie, Mickey, Daisy and friends!   - $105

magical mermaids
& shimmery swans

1 Day Camp  -  July 1 -  9:30 - 11:30 am

3 Day Camp  -  June 12 - 14 -  9am - 12pm

Tiny Ballerinas will dance and leap across the lily pad lagoon as mermagical mermaids and shimmering swans in this sparkling summer camp. Dancers will focus on ballet basics and creative movement, as well as fun + fancy, imaginative activities and

fin-tastic feathery crafts!   - $45 / $150

3 - 6

6 - 11

academy of magic
5 Day Camp  -  July 8 - 12  -  9am - 12pm
Dancers will experience an extraordinary week of jazz and hip hop moves while sharpening their spellbinding skills to earn their badges in a variety of magical moves. Grab your books, quills, cloaks, and cauldrons–school is officially in session at Brightfeather Academy!       - $240
perfectly pink
destination dream vacation
3 Day Camp  -  June 17 - 19  -  9am - 12pm
5 Day Camp  -  July 15 - 19  -  12:30 - 3:30pm
You’ll dance the night away at the Perfectly Pink disco party with all your dance besties. This is your passport to all things pink, fun and sparkly where every day is the best day ever! If you love Barbie, let’s go party together in this glitteriffic jazz and hip hop dance camp!    - $150 / $240


inspire dance co. teams
Summer intensives and camp requirements will be announced following team auditions on May 15.
Stay tuned! 

We are excited to announce that all of our existing recreation classes will continue through the summer! Join or cancel at any time. Class registration does not qualify for any discounts. 

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