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At Inspire Dance Arts, we employ highly trained, loving and positive teachers, so that your child feels welcomed and encouraged! We want your child to receive the best quality training in the dance room, as well as provide dancers with the emotional support they need to succeed! Classes focus on teaching proper technique from day one, so that dancers can build the proper skills and gain confidence on the dance floor.


We strive to teach everything in a way that is creative, fun and positive, so that dancers will be excited to come back each week, have a great time, and make friends. We believe personal development is paramount, and our faculty is there to support each dancer's journey, whether they are taking one class or six!

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Alyssa started Inspire Dance Arts (formerly Next Level Dance Center) with her sister, Amber, in the Summer of 2017. Having danced since the age 3, she knows what a positive influence dance can have in all areas of a dancer's life. Alyssa's goal at Inspire is create well rounded, service oriented dancers with a focus on personal growth and comraderie.

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comp team

Brittney spent nearly 2 decades dancing at competitive dance studios all over the Greater Sacramento Area before turning to teaching. She has over a decade of dance instruction experience, and she brings her dedication to both our rec classes and our dance teams. Her choreography has been awarded at multiple competitions with our Dream Teams!



Gems, REC & Prep team

Emily has been training in Ballet for most of her life, and brings her passion to the classroom! Emily loves sharing her passion for dance with our youngest students, all the way to our prep teams! 



Rec & prep team

Ryan is a soloist with Inspire's Dream Teams! She has been dancing since she was 3 years old and competing for 7 years! She has been at Inspire since the beginning, and her favorite dance styles are Jazz and Tap. Ryan was Inspire's 2019-2020 Dancer of the Year! 




Kalia is a soloist with Inspire’s Dream Teams! She has been dancing for 7 years and competing for 5. Her favorite styles are Jazz and Acro. Kalia is Inspire’s 2021-2022 scholarship recipient!

meet our team



Amber and Alyssa have been studying dance together since the age of 3. They have an extensive background in both recreational, competitive and dance instruction, having earned numerous top placements and titles. Amber and Alyssa have trained with top choreographers and together they choreograph Inspire Dance Art's competitive Dream Teams!  

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GEMS & Rec

Ashley has been dancing since the age of 3 and did competitive dance from the ages of 8-17 with many achievements! Ashley takes care in the improvement of our young dancers to help them grow as dancers and as individuals. She turned to teaching, now, to show her love of dance to the next generation!

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